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Extraordinary Tequila deliciously crafted at one of Mexico’s most celebrated organic & additive free distilleries…

Our Artisanal Cooking Process

Agave Harvest:

Pātsch Tequila is made from 100% organic Blue Weber agave found in the valley of Jalisco. The dark soil and warmer weather contributes to the flavor of the Tequila. Each agave matures in the ground for approximately seven years.



Once the agave is brought from the fields to the distillery, the piña (agave core) is cooked in brick ovens for 24 hours. The agave then rests in the ovens for 12 hours with the doors open. This traditional cooking method brings out the notes characteristic of Pātsch Tequila to the surface.



The sugars are extracted from the agave using mechanical roller mills. The agave juice is then placed into fermentation tanks where it rests for approximately 72 hours while the sugar becomes alcohol. This liquid, called “mosto,” is fermented naturally without utilizing yeast, which is extremely rare. The “mosto” is twice distilled.



Our Blanco is the base of every extraordinary Tequila in the Pātsch portfolio. While the Blanco is unaged, it is put in tanks to rest for a few months before being bottled. Our Reposado is aged for 6 months; Our Añejo is aged for 18 months. Finally, our Extra Añejo, Pātsch’s flagship bottle, is aged for 7 years. Each expression ages beautifully in American Whiskey Barrels.

Pātsch Extraordinary Tequila

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