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Pātsch Tequila is deliciously crafted at one of Mexico’s most celebrated organic and additive free distilleries. Every Pātsch expression is made with 100 percent Blue Weber agave that’s sustainably grown and harvested. Our distillery in Jalisco only picks the plants when they are fully ripe and mature which captures their optimal flavor. They are then brick oven cooked and double distilled.

It’s these touches that distinguishes Pātsch as a premium brand that’s designed for sipping or mixing in fine cocktails.




Pātsch Blanco is remarkably smooth and soft on the palate. Excellent on a summer day neat, on the rocks, or as the base for the perfect margarita.

Serving Ritual: Neat or in a premium cocktail

Color: Crystal clear 

Body: Bold, yet smooth

Aroma: Almonds and apricot

Taste: Grapefruit, peppercorn, cooked agave, and candied citrus





Our honey-colored expression sits in American Whiskey barrels for six months. The result is a tequila with a depth of flavor that includes hints of toffee and caramel, with a long finish.

Serving Ritual: Neat or on the rocks

Color: Light amber with straw highlights

Body: Full and round

Aroma: Caramel, wood, orange, and dark chocolate

Taste: Candied mint, toffee, and peppercorn

Aging: 6 months in American Whiskey barrels




Pātsch Añejo is a perfect offering for any dark- spirit connoisseur. The liquid is aged for 18 months in American Whiskey barrels to create an extremely balanced flavor. While the notes of coffee and caramel remain prominent, there is a hint of spice on the finish. It is truly exquisite. Coming February…

Serving Ritual: Neat or on the rocks

Color: Golden honey

Body: Rich and crisp

Aroma: Honey, smoke, coffee, and caramel

Taste: Coffee, caramel, and pepper

Aging: 18 months in American Whiskey barrels

Extra Anejo



Our Extra Añejo tequila is a rarity. We let it age in American Whiskey barrels for seven years. This golden-hued tequila is as bold in color as it is in taste. Silky with hints of toffee and oak, it’s best savored as a pre-dinner drink or nightcap.

Serving Ritual: Neat or on the rocks

Color: Dark Amber

Body: Delicate and silky

Aroma: Toffee, oak, and butterscotch

Taste: Dark fruit, oak, chocolate, cooked agave, and coconut

Aging: 7 years in American Whiskey barrels


We designed our bottle to be the embodiment of what Pātsch is. Each bottle, with its spiked cap, knuckle handle, balloon-shaped bottom and long neck, is a labor of love and relies on centuries-old glass blowing techniques. The resin top is hand-painted and sanded until perfectly smooth. We wanted our bottle to be a reflection of the spirit that it holds — striking, full of character, and brimming with flavor.

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