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Pātsch Tequila is deliciously crafted at one of Mexico’s most celebrated organic and additive free distilleries. Every Pātsch expression is made with 100 percent Blue Weber agave that’s sustainably grown and harvested. Our distillery in Jalisco only picks the plants when they are fully ripe and mature which captures their optimal flavor. They are then brick oven cooked and double distilled.

It’s these touches that distinguishes Pātsch as a premium brand that’s designed for sipping or mixing in fine cocktails.





Visually: Pristine and luminescent with generous legs and tears. Mercurial when swirled in a glass to release its bouquet.

Aroma: Enticing lime zest blooms into grapefruit and lemongrass. Slight anise with deep baked agave caresses the center and bottom of the vessel. Loads of character the longer it blooms in your glass or snifter.

Body: Silky and luxurious.

Taste: Sweet baked agave evolves into full peppercorn. Hints of anise and licorice are followed by an enduring finish.  

Serving Suggestion: Pātsch Blanco is a superb sipper. Serve neat as an aperitif or on the rocks with a splash of soda and lime peel.





Visually: Light amber; shimmering golden highlights with ample legs and tears.  

Aroma: Light orange blossom and sweet wood notes dovetail elegantly with baked agave. Lingering toasted almond and light butterscotch.  

Body: Pātsch reposado transforms silky and luxurious into full and round complex layers.

Taste: Delightful sweetness from the barrel while the peppercorn burst expands into a lingering cinnamon spice finish.  

Serving Suggestion: Pātsch reposado is as satisfying on its own as it is served alongside crème brûlée.





Visually: Deep, rich gold with intense blond highlights. Swirled in your favorite vessel, it forms a lovely string of pearls evenly streaming into seductive legs and tears.

Aroma: Ripe notes of pear, baked green apple and hints of licorice root. Dense wood notes of toffee, leather, cloves and a heady incense of baked caramelized agave.

Body: Evenly lush, like prized cashmere.

Taste: Spicy nutmeg gently envelops your palate. Rich, soothing flavors mirror the bouquet. Comforting to the soul.

Serving suggestion :Spending 18 leisurely months in American oak whiskey barrels, Pātsch añejo is deceptively versatile. Confidently pour it accompanied by an unexplored cuisine, new friends or unanticipated adventures.

Extra Anejo




Visually: Intense golden color with auburn hues. Gorgeous legs and tears when swirled in your vessel of choice.

Aroma: Fine fragrances of deep barrel notes mingle with hints of ripe plums and cherries.

Body: Pātsch 7 Year Extra Añejo elevates the full and round complexity of wood layers into a plush and velvety experience.

Taste: Significant creaminess with whispers of cocoa, toffee and butterscotch which crescendo into plums, cherries and apricots. A bold, dry finish ensues.

Serving Suggestion: Pātsch 7 Year Extra Añejo performs like a finely tuned orchestra. This rare gem should be served neat as a nightcap or paired with a favorite cigar.


We designed our bottle to be the embodiment of what Pātsch is. Each bottle, with its spiked cap, knuckle handle, balloon-shaped bottom and long neck, is a labor of love and relies on centuries-old glass moldings techniques. The resin top is hand-painted and sanded until perfectly smooth. We wanted our bottle to be a reflection of the spirit that it holds — striking, full of character, and brimming with flavor.

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